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Street: Údolní 259

Postal code: 468 51

City: Smržovka
Country: Czech Republic


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Working hours: Monday - Friday 6:00 - 14:00

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- certified

If you need a certified safe because of your insurance company requirments or just to make the best for securing your valuables, you could choose from our product ranges, which are certified regarding to European standards EN 1143-1 or EN 11450.


Certified safes are tested in accredited laboratories, where they are passing strict and rough procedures.


If you are not sure, which safe would suits you best, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Doublewall personal safes produced from 3,00mm thick steel (external wall) and 1,5mm thick steel (internal wall)
  • Partition wall are also filled with fire protective mineral padding
  • Doors equipped with certified key lock, which blocks 3way espagnolette mechanism
  • Solid structure paint protects surface of Neutron Star safes from scratches. Standard color is grey (RAL 7035), but there could be used any color on demand of customer.
  • There are large variety of accessories like pull out frames, inner lockable cupboards etc. on demand
1610 Series
  • Double wall archive cabinets made from 1,5mm thick steel plate
  • Partition walls filled with fire protective mineral padding
  • Doors fitter with certified key lock which blocks 3way espagnolette mechanism.
  • Standard colour is grey (RAL 7035)
  • All sizes could be equipped with telescopic pullout frames and other accessories
  • Certified regarding to EN 14450 in security grade S1 
  • Includes fire resistant material under A1 class by EN 13501-1. This standard is more recent version of DIN 4102
  • Double wall security personal deposit safes, made from 3,0mm thick external and 1,5mm thick internal steel plate
  • Receive unit with and without locking option
  • Partition walls filled with fire protective padding
  • Doors fitted with certified key lock, which blocks espagnolette mechanism
  • Standard colour is grey (RAL 7035)
  • Certified regarding to EN 1143-2 in security grades 0, I, II
  • Certiffied by Czech National Security Authority