Deposit safes for convenient inserting valuables
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CHARVÁT s.r.o.


Street: Údolní 259

Postal code: 468 51

City: Smržovka
Country: Czech Republic


Tel.: +420 483 382 752


Working hours: Monday - Friday 6:00 - 14:00

email: non-stop

Deposit safes

Deposit safes are used there, where is intended spliting access to recieveing unit and main secured space. Our deposit safes have a drawer with trap cellar, which unload and send the deposit to main secured space inside the safe.  This system is handy on place, where are often money transfer without need of keeping large amount of cash. Common customers are gas stations, night bars, gambling clubs etc.

  • Double wall security personal deposit safes, made from 3,0mm thick external and 1,5mm thick internal steel plate
  • Receive unit with and without locking option
  • Partition walls filled with fire protective padding
  • Doors fitted with certified key lock, which blocks espagnolette mechanism
  • Standard colour is grey (RAL 7035)
  • Certified regarding to EN 1143-2 in security grades 0, I, II
  • Certiffied by Czech National Security Authority